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10cbm High Frequency Vacuum Timber Dryer
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Product: Views:12110cbm High Frequency Vacuum Timber Dryer 
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Last updated: 2017-12-22 02:52
10CBM High Frequency Vacuum Timber Dryer

Compareing high frequency vacuum timber dryer costs and drying ability, 10CBM model is the most popular type. 
There are two main advantages on 10CBM HF vacuum timber dryer:
1). High frequency internal heating. High frequency is a kind of power also called radio frequency. Its heating theory is the same as microwave but wavelength is different. High frequency power generates alternating electrical field between two electrodes. The water molecules between electrodes will be polarized by the alternating magnetic field and move in very high speed rapidly. The impact and friction (millions of times per second) among water molecules creates high temperature in very short time. So high frequency power does not heat wood moisture but let wood moisture heated themselves. This continuous effect let whole body of wood heated wholly and uniformly. 
2). High frequency vacuum timber dryer also adopts vacuum technology. Vacuum condition can reach to -0.092Mpa, and let water vaporized in low temperature below 60 ºC. The wood moisture is easy to dry in low temperature safely and rapidly. That is why the wood will not crack. HF Timber dryer is also equiped with hydraulic system and press to keep timber stright. At the same time, vacuum can also suck the wood moisture out. The machine cooling system will separate the hot air and hot water out, then cool them and release them out.
Above two main characters caused why high frequency vacuum dryer can dry wood faster and will not cause crack and bending problems.

High frequency vacuum timber dryer do not need any space between wood, saving drying space. Does not need any hot plate, easy and convenient to load wood. It can dry all kinds of wood, such as floor, veneer, thick wood, beam, expensive rosewood even wood logs. It is the best choice for wood drying.
HF Power 20KW------------80KW
Capacity 3 CBM 6 CBM 10 CBM 14 CBM 20 CBM
Wood loading size
3x1x1m 6x1x1m 6x1.3x1.3m 8x1.3x1.38m 8x1.6x1.6m
Wood feeding type Auto Auto Auto Auto Auto
Vacuum pressure -0.092MPa
Weight 4.5T 6T 8T 11T 15T
Dimension 4x4x2.7m 7x4x2.7m 7x4.5x2.8m 9x4.5x2.8m 9x5.5x3.3m

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